17 Jan 2018

5 Sure Shot Ways of Developing an Extraordinary Mobile App Design

In the world of mobile app development, nothing heralds greater importance than the UI/UX design. Getting the app design right is crucial as it plays a significant role in retaining customers. While each mobile application is unique in its own respect, success eludes applications that do not offer a simple and intuitive UI. 

So, how can developers ensure that their apps offer the best user experience? Paying attention to the following tips can be of great help:

Use Standardized Elements: Critical app elements such as buttons, icons, and symbols are usually maintained the same across all applications. This helps users familiarize with the application without any hassle. 

Embrace Symmetry and Uniformity: The human eye loves symmetry and has an easier time looking at things that are in order. Maintain uniformity in color, font, and graphics throughout the application wherever possible.

Intuitive Animations: The transition between pages should incorporate animations that are subtle and intuitive. Providing a haptic feedback and smooth animations can help improve the user experience and make it easy to move between multiple windows.

App Speed: Consumers are highly intolerant of apps that face snags during loading. Build apps that work flawlessly and have a low memory footprint. This can help you retain the user interest in your app and ensure that the number of uninstalls are low.

Keep it Simple: The attention span of an average app user is very low. Unless you bring the desired product in front of your user in less than 8 seconds, you are likely to lose customers. Hence, ensure that the loading times are fast. Also, optimize your app in such a way that any page is less than four taps away from the home screen.

Hiring expert assistance can be of great help when trying to develop the optimum user experience design. Get in touch with Openwave, the best app designer in Singapore and build an app with an engaging user experience.

16 Nov 2017

Sure-shot eCommerce Strategies to Capture the Singapore Market

Singapore can be considered as a highly progressive economy where cutting edge technology and services see great adoption. This is a great market for eCommerce development too as it is a nation-city with not many logistical challenges to surmount. That being the case, how can businesses boost their eCommerce sales and reduce their dependence on offline brick-and-mortar sales? 

The following steps are proven successes when it comes to boosting eCommerce sales:

1. Identify the right solutions that can add value to your customers: This is crucial for success. Each market has its own way of adapting to services. This must be borne in mind when developing a dedicated UI for that market. This helps the website stand apart from the rest and targets user preferences of that geography.

2. Pay attention to Content Marketing: Content is king. By having a content marketing strategy that incorporates the latest trends is important. Clever wordplay on products that elicit a light chuckle can actually go a long way in retaining customer attention and increase sales.

3. Uncluttered and Responsive Web Design: The website UI should be as simple as possible. This will ensure that users can easily navigate through the website to find the product of their choice. This can lead to more searches on the website and eventually lead to increased sales.

4. A strong email marketing strategy: While emails are no longer the predominant form of communication, beautifully crafted email newsletters are still sought after by users. A strong email marketing strategy that gets the customer hooked on the periodic content can reap good results.

5. Customers’ Review Page: Customers like to be asked for their opinion. Building a review page that allows customers to drop in their opinions or feedback on services can help businesses understand how their customers perceive them. Also, this can be used to address the grievances of the customer and in turn increase customer loyalty.

In conclusion, implementing these steps can help you boost your eCommerce revenues and increase the reach of your business in Singapore. To ensure that your website is optimized for eCommerce, get in touch with Openwave, a leading eCommerce development company in Singapore. They offer you expert guidance to boost website traffic and eCommerce sales.

17 Jul 2017

SAP Mobile platform: How this pioneering platform is transforming enterprises?

In this day and age, no one can deny the significance mobile apps have occupied in everyday life.  With time, the app industry only grows, evolves and gets better than before. For businesses, this provides a new channel to explore unknown avenues, tap into inaccessible channels and expand their business boundaries. Beyond doubt, investing in a mobile app can prove to be a lucrative avenue for businesses. What’s vital is to opt for the right mobile application development platform, which in the case of enterprises is the SAP mobile platform.

The SAP platform is exclusively designed to deliver solutions that connect mobile devices, businesses, and consumers. Here’s why it’s the best platform for the development of business apps:

Rapid Development and Deployment:

It dominates the enterprise mobility sphere and delivers fast-track development solutions. Owing to its well-built architecture and defined structure, it provides a wholesome platform to develop, manage and deploy a full-blown enterprise-grade application in quick time.

Highly Adaptable Application:

SAP is based on open source technology and is considered a highly robust and flexible platform that can be customized to reflect your business’ core values and objectives. Also, since businesses evolve rapidly, they need a sustainable framework that will adapt with them – and that’s what SAP can accomplish.

Emphasis on Security:

The prime concern of most enterprises when it comes to utilizing mobile technology is security. Protection of data, prevention of security breaches, data encryption, and seamless transactions are something that SAP provides out-of-the-box.

Mobilize your Business

With one platform you can mobilize your entire business effortlessly. Right from the employees to high-level management authorities, SAP provides a complete solution to mobilize and interconnect the organization in every way.

Should you use it?

Yes, SAP mobile platform allows businesses to overcome several challenges and allows them to overthrow conventional ways and embrace mobility as part of their organizational structure. In 2017, more and more enterprises will step into the new age and embrace mobility solutions – and so should you. If you want professional help with building a business app, get in touch with expert mobile app developers in Singapore and take your business to all-new heights.

28 Jun 2017

How to amplify the success of your WordPress website?

WordPress is the world’s leading CMS platform and is a popular choice when it comes to deploying fully functional websites. With thousands of websites using the platform, not everyone derives the measure of success they’d wanted. A few sites are deemed ‘rocketships’ which witness high influxes of traffic after launch, while a few are dubbed ‘decliners’ which show a gradual decrease in traffic. So, which one are you? Are there any ways to be a rocketship site and not a decliner?

Here are a few tips that will help your WordPress website succeed:

#1) Content truly is king

Most rocketship websites create fresh, relevant and engaging content three times a week. Doing so will pay rich dividends, both in terms of web traffic and also in your SEO efforts, as Google loves nothing more than engaging content. Make sure you setup an editorial calendar with a complete content plan and stick to it consistently.

#2:  Revamp it all

The one striking fact about Rocketships is that they experiment with different themes on a regular basis to see what best suited their business and customer preferences - you should too. Changing your theme often will allow you to figure out what works for you and also evolve with time. So, don’t be afraid to kick it up a notch and revamp your site from time to time.

#3: Fast loading time

It’s something that cannot be emphasized. Speed rules. And if you’re website isn’t fast enough, then you’ll find yourself on the Decliner list. According to Google, the acceptable load time is 2 seconds, anything more than that should send you a red signal to optimize your site.

#4: Keep improving continuously

Rocketships are found to keep adding new pages, as well as updating their existing pages on a regular basis. Instead of trying to stuff it all in one go, incremental updates can go a long way in showcasing your evolution to your target audience. Frequent care and attention of a site can get you better results.
Keep on top of the game by using these tips to improve your site performance. If you're still struggling with weak traffic or conversions, team up with top WordPress development company in Singapore.

23 Jun 2017

4 ways a secure Payment Gateway bolsters your marketing campaign

With credit card frauds and security breaches on the rise, it's important to impart a layer of security to any online transactions conducted via your website. Otherwise, you might risk losing business from security-conscious customers who'll switch to a more secure option instead. When running an online business, one of the foremost things you need to cross off your checklist is setting up the right Online Payment Gateway on your site. Read on to know how it carries multiple advantages.


What is it?

A Payment Gateway is a service application that authorizes credit/debit card payments or online transactions playing a vital role in authorizing the payment between the seller and the buyer in an eCommerce environment. There are several third party applications that process, verify and carry out transactions in a secure manner. Some of the most reputed ones used in Singapore include 2Checkout, Asia Pay, Braintree, Coinbase, CyberSource, eWay, PayPal Express Checkout, NETbilling, among others.

The hidden potential for Marketing

A secure payment gateway doesn’t just facilitate transactions but also shows promise in uplifting marketing endeavors. How, you ask? Here are a few ideas on making the most of it:

1) Show them that you care

Do not shy away from flaunting something you've got, especially when that something will resolve a major concern of your customers. Let them know that you care, understand their predicament and assure them of security. Tell them how you've specifically invested in payment security options to instill a sense of confidence in them about your brand.

2) Use customer perceptions to your advantage

While even large enterprises have been susceptible to security breaches in the past, the average customer’s perception still revolves around the fact that small businesses aren't equipped to provide secure payments. If your business provides payment security, you can leverage this fact as a point of differentiation to your competition and communicate it to your customers.

3) Give them a reason to choose you

Use your marketing campaign to remind customers the detrimental effects of doing business with a company that doesn't take security seriously. Highlight the long-term benefits they stand to gain and how they can avoid credit card frauds, and other scams.

4) Share customer reviews

Once someone falls victim to a fraud, it's unlikely that they'll do business with the same vendor again. Show them how several other customers trust your brand and enlighten them of your emphasis on security at every possible opportunity.

Incorporate a secure payment gateway into your site now. Don't know how? Openwave, a leading IT company expertise in Web Portal / Billing System in Singapore, will help ramp up payment security on your web portal.

14 Jun 2017

Website aesthetics vs. Usefulness: What matters the most?

Design goes a long way in sending the right message across to your website visitors, but overdoing it might end up spelling disaster. Often, in the quest to create the most visually stunning masterpiece, the essence of the website is forgotten. In this article, we’ll explore how a few Web Design elements can create a negative impact instead of the desired effect. Remember, usefulness is more important than aesthetics, and we’re here to tell you why:

Web Design & App Development Company in Singapore

1) Elements should serve a function

Any form/shape/element should serve a function. However, these days, designers design the form and hope that the function will be served on its own. That’s not the case. While designing, identify the core functionality of the site and build your design around it instead of the other way around.

2) If it’s too beautiful, it’s also distractive

Beauty is distractive - and while it’s not wrong to make your website beautiful, if it’s too much it would end up distracting your customers from the real purpose of your site. Blend beauty and functionality and ensure that your site works as great as it looks.

3) Poor usefulness may result in high bounce rates

At the end of the day, you want to make users stay, read, or buy something from you - which might not happen if they’re unable to use your website properly in the first place. High bounce rates due to lack of a useful design might affect your SEO and lower your rankings

4) Fast is better

Incorporating too many visual elements might look great, but will slow down your site. With users’ patience waning thin, no one would hang around for more than 3 seconds on your site. Keep the flashiness to a minimum and focus more on optimizing the site’s performance.

5) Simple is elegant

Going overboard with the design and adding too much might end up confusing your visitors at the end of the day. Users like it simple and simplicity, in turn, makes your website more functional.

Getting these elements right and striking a balance between both might seem like a daunting task – but not to us! Hire skilled web developers and designers from Openwave Singapore today.

6 Jun 2017

Advantages of Using Magento for Building an Online Store

For someone attempting to foray into the e-commerce business, one of the pivotal decisions to make is the platform to use for development. Magento is by far the popular and widely used web building engine for e-commerce at present. It has a massive community and hundreds of thousands of websites are powered through it.

In this article, we’re going to be looking at the advantages of using Magento for e-commerce development.

B2B / B2C eCommerce Website Developers in Singapore  

1) Spaciousness

With Magento, an e-store can host a massive half-million products on a single site. Along with this, 80,000 orders can be processed every hour. This makes Magento a vastly spacious platform with ample arena for expansion of a store in the future.

2) Mobile friendly design

It comes equipped with a mobile-friendly design. The shopping carts here are developed with a more responsive touch, making them easily incorporated into the smartphone and other devices. As a result, e-commerce stores raised on this platform can be more flawlessly transferred to the mobile medium as well, a vital necessity for business today.

3) Easier content management

Magneto offers a user-friendly design that enables easy content management for the user. The interface comes with basic functionalities without the need for too much technical knowledge.

4) SEO capacities

With Magento, a website is armed with stronger SEO tools. This web builder facilitates better traffic flow into your website, thereby boosting exposure on multiple search engines from Google to Bing and more.

5) Stronger integration capacity

The level of integration offered is much higher than others. Websites built through Magento are offered easier synchronization with other tools and websites from E-bay to Paypal, Quickbooks and many more.

6) Huge online community

This is by far the most vastly used e-commerce platform at present, with hundreds of thousands of developers and over 240,000 e-commerce sites powered by it. As a result, people using this platform have a massive community of developers online to draw support from in case of issues of any kind.

Choosing the right platform is just the first step. Building quality programming architecture is the next one. If you need professional help, then we’ve got the solution. Openwave is a leading IT services corporation, having helped corporations across the world build quality online stores using Magento in Singapore. Partner with us to get the best value out of this platform!