8 Jun 2018

2 New Technologies for Faster Development of Mobile Apps.

Experts have stated that there are a very few companies and mobile application developers who regularly update their knowledge about the latest technologies for mobile application development. Though there are numerous languages which assists the developers in app development it is important to choose that technology which is best for the company.  Mobile app development usually takes place with the help of languages such as Java, C++, HTML5, Swift programming language and many more. But now, new technologies have also been emerged for developers to have a look. 


One of the updated technology is Flutter which mobile app developers in Singapore and across the world are considering as it makes use of DART and not the JavaScript as the language of programming. It provides flexibility in the development of mobile application.  Since it is backed by Google, the technology is packed with wide range of plug-ins. 


Another application which one of the best mobile app development companies in Singapore makes use of is Kotlin. Kotlin is a language which is developed from the limitation of Java and provides the advantage of where Java fall short. It is an open-source program whose extensions are beneficial for mobile application developers as without many changes at the source code they can add methods as well as class to the program. This language is compatible with all of the versions of Android moreover, it is also interoperable with Java. In addition to this, Kotlin has great tooling support of Android and IDE. 

So, both Flutter and Kotlin are fresh technologies which could really help in the development of mobile apps across the world for the faster development of the app and reduce the overall time taken for development of such mobile apps. These are packed with bundles of features and tools which brings various benefit for the developer as well as to the company as a whole.  Fortunately, Openwave mobile app developers use both these technologies in their operations. 

29 May 2018

3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Drupal 8 for Innovating Your Business Online

Drupal is a very well-known CMS or content management system around the world. Known to have powered over a million different websites, it has had immense popularity among the masses and is loved by enterprises for its success in delivering quality solutions to complex issues of web development. Even though, it is another fact that Drupal has managed to clinch the deal only gradually as there was a time it was labeled ‘less user-friendly’ in spite of its attractive features and functionalities. After all this time, the latest addition to the family is the Drupal 8, which is easier, more accessible, open-source and easier. With multiple themes and plugins, it also guarantees scalability and user-friendliness. Here are 3 reasons why Drupal 8 is best to innovate your enterprise.

1.) It Supports Multiple Languages

It boasts of more than 94 languages apart from other innovative multilingual features with the language code mapping system improved to be more flexible. Now translating local and vernacular content is an easy-breezy process! Apart from language-based block-visibility, Drupal 8 comes incorporated with 4 language modules.

2.) Easier Way of Adding And Editing Content

Back then, users needed to use the back-end for content-editing but now it is also possible from the front-end. With the latest member, site admins can now create, add or edit content on the newly designed page for content-creation, across different devices, along with additional formatting buttons like italicise, bold, adding media and links, etc. in the CKEditor. 

3.) Priority to Mobiles

Version 8 now allows users and developers to make use of the platform across mobile, desktop and tablet devices. The new themes are such that they align themselves automatically depending on the type of device screen that is in use. Drupal 8 is not limited to just being fully responsive, it also brings about better website performance on mobile devices by decreasing the load time significantly and speeding up the overall process. Moreover, you can now build APIs for mobile apps and edit the content across any and every mobile device, anywhere. 

In conclusion, Drupal 8 is till-date the most innovative version of the Drupal family. With advanced features and customization options on offer, it makes complete sense to leverage its benefits to boost your business and take it to the next level with the help of Drupal 8 web developers who are well-versed with this amazing CMS. 

15 May 2018

How to Double Up Your Online Sales?

With the world going from shop and pick to swipe and click, there is no dearth of sellers waiting on customers online. There are simply too many e-commerce sites right now, with the agenda of making money and gaining an upper hand over other similar businesses. Of course, the business is virtually the same for all these folks. So what would give any one of them an edge? 

Here are a few tips that will help eCommerce developers in making sure the site makes double the usual money:

Put Yourself in the Customer’s Shoes

Stop thinking from the seller’s perspective, but from the customer’s perspective instead. Giving your homepage a look from fresh eyes and decide whether you can tell what the seller’s agenda is and whether or not you would trust this particular site with your precious money? If the answers are positive, you have a green light. 

Keep a Clear Head

Any eCommerce website developer can get a little lost while designing the whole thing. It is easy to make a mess of things. But, it is empirical that you keep a clear focus of what it is that the client needs. What you are trying to sell, must be the central theme and the design should revolve around it. 

Keep the Contact Details Visible

Shoppers will never trust a site if they can’t contact their seller easily.The contact details of the seller must be prominently visible on the site. 

Address All Possible Issues on the Home Page

All kinds of possible issues and potential problems must be addresses on the homepage itself. You don’t want the customer to keep wondering about such pain points. 

Important Details Must be Clear

There cannot be any scope for confusion in case of prices and details related to shipping.The eCommerce developer needs to pay special attention to these details. 

Associate Yourself with Other Brands

Association is the key to gaining the trust of customers.You need to borrow a little goodwill from various other brands by associating yourself with them. This tried and tested method can increase your sale by more than thirty percent. 

An expert and efficient eCommerce website design company in Singapore like Openwave takes all the necessary precautions and do complete justice to their client’s requirements. Get in touch now!

6 Apr 2018

4 Reasons Why CodeIgniter is Better Than Other PHP Development Frameworks

Talk of PHP in front of novice programmers and what you will get is a laugh and it being called a loosely typed programming language, which doesn't need much skill to implement. But experienced programmers would know that there are a lot of nuance at implementing the object oriented constructs of the language and this is where a framework is needed to set the working environment for making the best use of the programming language. 

Although a world of frameworks such as CakePHP, Yi and laravel etc are available for PHP development, CodeIgniter is by far the most preferred one by experts. Here are a few reasons why.

The Sheer Maturity

Of all the various frameworks available today, CodeIgnitor is the one that has spent the most amount of time since inception. Any adroit PHP web development company is thereby more likely to use a mature framework such as CodeIgniter, than anything else.

Lean and Efficient

No beating around the bush when you use this framework for PHP development. The hoards of features in-built are designed to run easy on resources and give programmers just the constructs which are imperative for development.

Support for MVC and Method Chaining

For developers who prefer to break down PHP projects into modules, optimize and later integrate these together, CodeIgniter has an inbuilt support for Module View controller. You can even choose to go independent and implement the method chaining approach instead.

Superb Documentation and Community Support

Being one of the oldest development frameworks to having been around, CodeIgniter is very well documented and it will not be hard to find support on any of its construct, thanks to the community of active and adroitly skilled developers across the world.

Hire PHP developer in Singapore and leverage the CodeIgniter advantage when it comes to crafting the PHP web application of choice. Look for CodeIgniter development services from a seasoned player like Openwave with proven skills to carry out development projects with ease.

19 Mar 2018

5 Reasons Why Magento is the Best Platform for B2B Customers

Ecommerce has seen the greatest manifestation of the penetration of internet into the business arena today. With a major portion of eCommerce transactions in Singapore being attributable to B2B, there is a rising demand for smart eCommerce platforms to exemplify the overall shopping experience for customers. One such promising platforms is Magento which has become a force to reckon with in the industry and is a viable choice for B2B customers.

Here are some reasons why Magento ought to be your platform of choice to build an online store on:

1)  Support for Customer-Centered Marketing

What makes Magento a preferred favorite of any B2B website developer and web avenue owner is support for advanced data acquisition, filtered to their age category, location demographics and even shopping behavior. Such insights forms the base of designing targeted shopping and web promotion campaigns for customer segments, all of which is provided out of the box on the platform.

2)  ‘Private Sales’ Features

A great way to attract customer patronage is to make them feel special, and Magneto’s ‘Private Sales’ feature helps achieve just that. This helps certain customers to be given a specific UI, which can drive additional offers and discounts based on past usage, or suggested new launch products.

3)  Bulk Ordering Support

Yet another path-breaking feature in Magento appealing especially to the wholesale buyers is the ‘Order by SKU’ extension. This enables you to cut short the time that your frequent wholesale buyers have to spend in choosing the right product and placing bulk orders.

4) Product Specific Shipping

Nothing excites a business buyer on your eCommerce portal more than a shipping option tailored to the product types they most often shop for. With Magento, your business buyers can be provided with customized shipping options for the product categories they most commonly purchase.

5) Customized and Grouped Pricing

Many of your business customers would like to operate their retail and wholesale shops on the same platform, and with Magento’s grouped pricing feature, they can maintain separate price lists for the same product units for their shops.

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17 Jan 2018

5 Sure Shot Ways of Developing an Extraordinary Mobile App Design

In the world of mobile app development, nothing heralds greater importance than the UI/UX design. Getting the app design right is crucial as it plays a significant role in retaining customers. While each mobile application is unique in its own respect, success eludes applications that do not offer a simple and intuitive UI. 

So, how can developers ensure that their apps offer the best user experience? Paying attention to the following tips can be of great help:

Use Standardized Elements: Critical app elements such as buttons, icons, and symbols are usually maintained the same across all applications. This helps users familiarize with the application without any hassle. 

Embrace Symmetry and Uniformity: The human eye loves symmetry and has an easier time looking at things that are in order. Maintain uniformity in color, font, and graphics throughout the application wherever possible.

Intuitive Animations: The transition between pages should incorporate animations that are subtle and intuitive. Providing a haptic feedback and smooth animations can help improve the user experience and make it easy to move between multiple windows.

App Speed: Consumers are highly intolerant of apps that face snags during loading. Build apps that work flawlessly and have a low memory footprint. This can help you retain the user interest in your app and ensure that the number of uninstalls are low.

Keep it Simple: The attention span of an average app user is very low. Unless you bring the desired product in front of your user in less than 8 seconds, you are likely to lose customers. Hence, ensure that the loading times are fast. Also, optimize your app in such a way that any page is less than four taps away from the home screen.

Hiring expert assistance can be of great help when trying to develop the optimum user experience design. Get in touch with Openwave, the best app designer in Singapore and build an app with an engaging user experience.

16 Nov 2017

Sure-shot eCommerce Strategies to Capture the Singapore Market

Singapore can be considered as a highly progressive economy where cutting edge technology and services see great adoption. This is a great market for eCommerce development too as it is a nation-city with not many logistical challenges to surmount. That being the case, how can businesses boost their eCommerce sales and reduce their dependence on offline brick-and-mortar sales? 

The following steps are proven successes when it comes to boosting eCommerce sales:

1. Identify the right solutions that can add value to your customers: This is crucial for success. Each market has its own way of adapting to services. This must be borne in mind when developing a dedicated UI for that market. This helps the website stand apart from the rest and targets user preferences of that geography.

2. Pay attention to Content Marketing: Content is king. By having a content marketing strategy that incorporates the latest trends is important. Clever wordplay on products that elicit a light chuckle can actually go a long way in retaining customer attention and increase sales.

3. Uncluttered and Responsive Web Design: The website UI should be as simple as possible. This will ensure that users can easily navigate through the website to find the product of their choice. This can lead to more searches on the website and eventually lead to increased sales.

4. A strong email marketing strategy: While emails are no longer the predominant form of communication, beautifully crafted email newsletters are still sought after by users. A strong email marketing strategy that gets the customer hooked on the periodic content can reap good results.

5. Customers’ Review Page: Customers like to be asked for their opinion. Building a review page that allows customers to drop in their opinions or feedback on services can help businesses understand how their customers perceive them. Also, this can be used to address the grievances of the customer and in turn increase customer loyalty.

In conclusion, implementing these steps can help you boost your eCommerce revenues and increase the reach of your business in Singapore. To ensure that your website is optimized for eCommerce, get in touch with Openwave, a leading eCommerce development company in Singapore. They offer you expert guidance to boost website traffic and eCommerce sales.