26 Sep 2016

Build Mobile Application to put your Business ahead of the competition

In recent years, mobile phones have evolved from just an overdriven toy to a hyper operative device. With technology advancing day-by-day, mobiles have grabbed the center-stage in the IT market. This means that it is becoming an essential gadget that can be used constructively to gain a competitive edge over other businesses.  

Mobile App Development in Singapore - Android iOS Windows

15 Sep 2016

4 ways a Responsive Web Design can benefit SEO

Imagine finding a brand or product in a website on your smartphone that’s clearly meant for the desktop; imagine all the misplaced texts and images just thrown here and there, making you flinch to the core. What would be your next move? You close the page as quickly as possible. Yes! That's what everyone else will do. With the advent of user-friendly designs, people are seeking an enhanced mobile experience. However, is responsive web design only for the comfort of users? No! From the business perspective, it is also excellent for SEO. 

Responsive Web Design in Singapore