15 Sep 2016

4 ways a Responsive Web Design can benefit SEO

Imagine finding a brand or product in a website on your smartphone that’s clearly meant for the desktop; imagine all the misplaced texts and images just thrown here and there, making you flinch to the core. What would be your next move? You close the page as quickly as possible. Yes! That's what everyone else will do. With the advent of user-friendly designs, people are seeking an enhanced mobile experience. However, is responsive web design only for the comfort of users? No! From the business perspective, it is also excellent for SEO. 

Responsive Web Design in Singapore

Let's take a look at some of its benefits:

Minimize the chance of Duplicate Content: 

Having a Responsive Web Design gives a peace of mind that Google Panda won't hit your site for replicating the same content in both mobile and desktop version. In such a scenario, the content will be served from the same URL to the visitors. This means that it will be easy for your website site to rank

Increase the Loading Speed: 

The time it takes to load a webpage impacts the user experience. Mobile-friendly sites are faster in loading since it doesn't need any query redirects. The result is that it makes responsive sites load faster than average speed. 

Combats the problem of High Bounce Rate: 

Bounce rate will be a big problem even if a website sits on top in search results. The mobile page can suffer from a high bounce rate if the content is too minimal or dissimilar to the content on the desktop. Having a responsive design will combat this problem without compromising on the content you choose to display. 

Enhance Mobile Search Ranking:

As per the recent mobile ranking survey, Search Giant Google gives special preferences to the sites that are optimized for phones. 

Going mobile-responsive is good for Search Engine Optimization. Hence, as an entrepreneur, you should consider its importance and benefits for SEO before ignoring it. Connect with expert Web Designer in Singapore to make your site mobile-friendly today!

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