13 Oct 2016

Simple Guide to Develop and Launch your first iOS Mobile App

Smartphone sales are seriously picking up, and over 2 billion people are expected to own smartphones by the year 2019. The number of mobile app downloads is expected to increase two times over the next four years as more businesses attempt to leverage mobile technology in an attempt to increase sales and improve brand recognition. If you’re planning on launching an iOS application, we must warn you: it can be an uphill battle.

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Here are some simple steps that will get you from development to deployment successfully:

Brainstorm and decide what you want your application to do

Your mobile application must have a clear purpose – you will have to prove to Apple your app can do what it claims to get it approved. Also, having a clear idea of what it can do is useful for the development effort while allocating resources.

Research the mobile market and locate your consumer base

Is your mobile application filling a niche in the app market? If so, what niche is it filling? Do your research and locate your consumer base before beginning the development.

Do the work of development

Developing an application is no easy feat. You can hire external developers to do it for you, or you can get your in-house team to do it. External developers are good to hire if you have budget constraints, or if you want mobile application specialists. If your internal development team is experienced but can code in Java, there are some tools that will help to compile this code to work with iOS. 

Join the Apple Developer program

Apple offers development tools to developers through the iOS Development Center for a fee. These tools are necessary for testing, debugging and distributing.

Make it Compatible with multiple iOS devices

It has to be able to run on a range of iOS devices, including older versions of the iPhone as well as the iPad.

Get your app Approved in Apple Store

The final step, of course, is to get it approved by Apple. Follow their guidelines strictly and make sure your app isn’t crashing before submitting it. If it gets rejected, you will have to try again.

Developing and deploying your app is just the first step - you have to monetize by gathering data and promoting it. Some expert developers will help you build custom apps from the ground up, and they offer post-deployment support too, so consider Hiring an iOS App Developer team if you have the resources at your disposal.

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