21 Dec 2016

Five Festive Season Strategies to Help you Make Huge Holiday Profits

Statistics tell us that over 40% of all eCommerce sales are made during the holiday season. If you want to grow your revenues during the upcoming festivities, you have to plan out a marketing strategy in advance and ensure your website is ready to hook incoming traffic.

Here are some website development tips and marketing strategies you can follow to improve your conversion rate in the lead-up to New Year’s (and afterwards):

Use different marketing channels

There are many ways you can generate traffic. The most common and useful ones include e-mail marketing, PPC advertising, social media, retargeting, blogs, videos, and Facebook ads. Word-of-mouth publicity can also get you many customers. 

Revamp your Website

You need new content for your website to generate the holiday fever among visitors. Make use of a countdown timer, and add holiday posts to spread the Christmas cheer. Also, make your landing page as engaging as possible. 

Go Mobile-Friendly

Your website needs to be mobile-friendly if you want to engage mobile users. Research says that mobile users are likely to abandon carts if the site doesn't offer a smooth, streamlined experience on small devices. Use responsive design to make your site mobile-friendly.

Incorporate modern Design features

You can enchant visitors by integrating advanced design features into your site. Make use of card designs, the color red to attraction attention, white space, and videos for storytelling. Parallax effects and lazy loading is also helpful if you want to cater to mobile device users.

Make sure you are ready for increased traffic

Your site will have an increased number of customers during the holiday season. Ensure that the servers you are using are up to the task and get backup servers if necessary. Also, ensure you can deliver your inventory on-time and provide assistance to customers when they need it. 

The goal is to make your website your website as attractive as possible and offer targeted offers to make maximum revenue this Christmas. You can hire an experienced web development team to help you come up with the right plan, as well as execute it.

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