17 Jan 2017

Make the Shift to Mobile-Friendly Design to Cater to Mobile Users

Everybody takes their smartphones everywhere these days. People often use their waiting time to browse their favorite sites, shops, or blogs. Statistics tell us that traffic from mobile devices has surpassed traffic originating from desktop PCs in 2016. By making sure your business can effectively cater to mobile users, you can keep your customers happy and improve your revenues this year.
Build Mobile Friendly Website at Singapore

Understand your customers’ attitude
Your clients or your visitors are going to want to surf your website or store on their phones and tablets, especially when they're on-the-go. If your site doesn't display correctly on their small screens – or if they have to spend too much time panning and zooming into your pages to click on links – they will probably abandon it and go to a competitor instead.
Test your existing site
How well is it doing when it comes to small-screen friendliness? Check your existing pages by browsing them on a phone or tablet. Is it easy to navigate on a small screen? Does it look right? Do you have to squint to view text anywhere? Make a note of problems and areas that need improvement.
Make a move to mobile-friendly design
The goal is to provide a smooth experience to mobile users. Your web pages should be easy to navigate, clutter-free, and display content in an efficient, clutter-free way on mobile devices. You can cater to mobile users in one of the three following ways:
  • Create a single responsive website for both desktop and phone users. This option is cheap and efficient, but often slow-to-load.
  • Create a mobile-only website and redirect mobile users to them. This option is a very useful but hard to maintain and update.
  • Use adaptive design that makes your site compatible with the device accessing it.
  • Create an app that will load much faster than a website, and will offer personalized services to users.

Every business is unique and has unique requirements when it comes to making services available to their mobile customers. For best results, we recommend you consult with an experienced web design and development team to come up with a unique solution for your business.

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