24 Jan 2017

Simple Steps to Making a Wildly Successful Mobile App

The number of mobile users worldwide is growing daily – experts estimate that over 3 billion people will be using smartphones by the end of 2020. Businesses and individuals worldwide are attempting to take advantage of this trend by building a mobile application, so that they can sell products, provide useful remote services, and dominate their individual niches. 

Creating a successful app isn't easy, though. More apps fail than succeed. Here are some simple guidelines you can follow to make a wildly successful application:

Choose between native and cross-platform development

Most people have to pick between native apps that run on a single platform like Android or iOS or multi-platform apps. Native apps perform exceptionally well, but cross-platform apps give you more reach. What’s best for you will depend on your individual business and goals.

What is the goal of your app?

Are you building an application to make money, to provide services to existing customers, to boost your brand visibility or a mixture of all of that? You have to decide what your app is going to be about and how you’re planning to monetize it. The goal is to strike a balance between monetization and usefulness, and you must pay more attention to retaining users over finding new ones.

Put lots of effort into the development

All the most successful apps have brilliant user interfaces and great design. But, most importantly, they satisfy a need of a particular demographic. You need to put a lot of effort into the development of the app. Focus on simplifying it, make sure it has great graphics, make it clutter-free and easy-to-use and test it multiple times until you get it right.

Marketing is as important as development

Finally, the marketing aspect is as important as the development itself. You need to make your application easy to find on the store(s) with ASO, and you can use social media and other marketing channels to make your app more visible. 

If you’ve never built an application before and find the process daunting, you can consult with an experienced app development company for guidance. They’ll be able to take you through the process and even make you a custom-built app for an affordable price.

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