12 Apr 2017

Amazing Google Cardboard Apps You Must Try Out Right Now

Virtual Reality (VR) has truly taken off these past few years. Devices like Oculus Rift, Play Station VR, and HTC Vive have made it affordable for everyone to own a headset capable of rendering graphic 3D scenes.

Google Cardboard, however, has recently become the undisputable leader when it comes to headset hardware – you can pick up a fully VR ready headset for as little as $12.99.
Already own a pair (or did you order one just now?) Here are five amazing apps you must try out right now:

Google Cardboard
The Google Cardboard app – free to download – is the first application you should try out. Not only does it give you an introduction to the world of VR, but it also lets you set up your device/headset for it. Also, it has a directory of noteworthy VR software already available in the marketplace.

The Apollo 15 Moon Landing
The Apollo 15 Moon Landing Virtual Reality app is free to download. As the name suggests, it lets you experience the famous Apollo 15 moon landing by NASA’s astronauts first hand. You’ll be able to explore the moon’s surface, your landing vessel, and other sights (and sounds) from the comfort of your living room.

Cardboard Camera
Don’t have any VR-compatible content on your phone? Don’t worry – just download the Cardboard Camera app for free. The product, like the name suggests, turns your regular phone camera into something capable of taking VR-ready photos!

  Always wanted to travel? With the Expeditions app – available for free – you can visit famous international landmarks, go for a dive underwater, or even explore the local galaxy. It was meant to be an educational product for children but is also adult-friendly.

Fulldive VR
 Want to find VR-compatible videos from all over the internet quickly and easily? Use the free-to-download Fulldive VR application! According to their official description, it lets you search for and download/view over a million 360 degree videos from all over the internet – including sites like YouTube.

As of now, Google Cardboard works with almost all Android smartphones running OS version 4.1 and higher and iPhone smartphones operating iOS versions 8.0 and higher.

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