12 Apr 2017

Planning on Building an Enterprise-Level Website? Use Drupal 8

Creating a Website for your business is going to be a significant long-term investment in both time and money for you. How well your website runs may also determine the fate of your firm in today's internet-driven world. As such, it’s important that you build an outstanding web presence that showcases your brand in the best possible light and helps you gain customer/client trust.


Why the Drupal 8 CMS makes an ideal platform to build a business website on:

Download and use free

Unlike proprietary website-building software, Drupal is fully free to download and modify. All you have to do is pay for the domain and monthly maintenance costs. The CMS has a big community of developers that provide regular updates and new content for it.

Advanced functionality

There are about 40,000 modules - or software extensions/plugins - available for it. With these plugins, you can quickly add advanced features to your website - international language, video streaming, e-commerce and social media support, for example.

Superb performance

CMSs like WordPress are known to slow down when you load them down with plugins. Drupal, on the other hand, offers super performance even with many modules installed or even when there is a lot of demand being placed on the server.

Very SEO-Friendly

Drupal is search-engine-ready out-of-the-box. Being fully customizable, you can quickly tweak it to be even more SEO-ready than it is already. That means your website will be easy to find on Google SERPs, especially locally.


Are you planning on expanding your business in the future? Drupal is a scalable platform - it will grow (or shrink) with the demand being placed on it. That means, with a few minor changes, you can create a bigger website than before.

Airtight security

Drupal has a reputation for being extremely secure. Compared to platforms like WordPress, Drupal-based internet sites are rarely hacked. That makes it a viable option for businesses where data safety is a priority.

Drupal - despite its many advantages - isn’t newbie-friendly. If you want to build a professional-looking, high-performing website, your best bet is to recruit the services of a professional CMS web development company.

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