6 Jul 2016

5 Smart Moves that can make your Online Business a Success

With the level of competition that exists out there, building an online business isn't just about putting up a website and waiting for the customers to rush in and buy your products/services. Online Business Trends are changing rapidly with the emergence of newer technologies and strategies that continually alter the rules of the game. Statistics have shown that nearly 90% of new online businesses are obliterated within 120 days, which should send out a red signal to would-be online entrepreneurs.

Successful Online eCommerce Business

If you're just Starting an Online Business, it's the perfect time to ensure that you play your cards right by following these five things that can help you build a successful online business:

  1. Make them an offer they can’t refuse!
There are probably countless of other online businesses providing the same products/ services as you are - what then makes you unique? One of the most efficient ways you can build a strong online presence is by constantly giving your customers a reason to come back to your business for more. Provide them the best possible value, faster delivery options, free giveaways and more to make them choose your eCommerce business over others.
  1. Your brand needs a personality
Your website creates your first impression in the digital world, and if it screams "dull and boring" to the visitors at first glance, then it’s highly unlikely your eCommerce Business would sustain. Just like you get a funky hairdo to give your personality a fun vibe, your website also needs its own personality. Are you aiming for playful, professional or casual? Your website needs to reflect your brand to connect with the audience.
  1. Do not ignore your mobile presence
More people access the internet through their phones when compared to desktops. This is why online businesses need to be mobile-enabled or risk losing out on a significant revenue share. From Mobile Apps to Responsive Websites, there are several options you can choose from.
  1. Build mailing lists
It’s crucial to keep in touch with your customers to sustain their interest in your brand. One of the best ways you can achieve this is by acquiring their email ids that can help you stay connected to your customers and prompt them to make a purchase. Get them to sign up for your email newsletter or promise points or rewards for registering.
  1. Stay connected
Show your customers that you're always there to respond to any queries or complaints they might have. Also, maintain a constant presence on Social media. Talk to your customers, know what they like and tweak your online business accordingly.

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