14 Jul 2016

Why is Magento the best pick for your eCommerce Store Development?

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While the world has welcomed the advent of online shopping and witnessed a tremendous growth in eCommerce sales, there’s also an equivalent rise in the available number of eCommerce Development platforms. From WooCommerce to Shopify, retailers are often stumped when it comes to choosing the right platform for their needs. Industry experts, however, highly recommend Magento for businesses wishing to make a foray into the eCommerce realm.

Here’s what makes Magento the best pick:
  1. All the industry biggies use it
Its unmatched versatility makes it the number one choice for the world’s leading brands - such as Samsung and Nike - and it’s all for a good reason.
  1. OpenSource
The best part of Magento is its Open source code. In simple words, it means that it can be endlessly customized according to business needs and provides scope for constant improvement.
  1. Mobile-friendly configuration
Being mobile-ready is more important now than ever! Magento Mobile is an excellent way to provide a satisfactory shopping experience to mobile users.
  1. Multi-store support
With Magento, running multiple stores from a single backend system is possible. This helps business owners in harmonized management of their various stores.
  1. Secure
Magento meets the global standard for payment security and is PA-DSS compliant. This makes Magento an excellent choice for retailers who want to ensure security of the highest order.
  1. Innumerable extensions
Magento supports hundreds of third-party apps and plug-ins that make extended functionality possible.
  1. Better visibility
Magento gets all the essential elements of SEO right. It can also be tuned further through extensions to improve a store’s SERP and gain more visibility.

A Magento-based Store can give your online business the returns and visibility it deserves. Don’t know how to build one? Consult an expert Magento developer.

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