21 Jul 2016

What makes Drupal an excellent choice to build Custom Applications?

If you’ve heard of Drupal, then you’re probably familiar with the fact that it is one of the most widely used CMS today. What you don’t know is that Drupal’s capabilities extend far beyond that of an ordinary Content Management System and can be used to power a standalone custom website.  Often, custom applications are built from scratch using PHP or Ruby, but did you know that Drupal could be used to re-create similar applications with much more ease and finesse?

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The Drupal Content Management Framework provides excellent tools and modules that make it far more than a CMS. Here’s how:

  1. Easy user management
Drupal provides several modules that allow robust user authentication and makes managing roles, permissions, profiles, and groups incredibly easy

  1. Limitless functionality of CCK
Apart from being used for content management, its CCK (content construction kit) can be easily used to build database schemas and define a relationship between them.

  1. Content import and curation
Drupal’s Feeds module enables the migration of data from a variety of formats into the Drupal website. It also allows quick curation of information and provides a user-friendly interface that makes manipulation of various content items quite simple.

  1. Can accomplish specific business logic
Instead of writing custom modules with complex business logic, Drupal’s Rules module allows customized or pre-coded actions to be executed. Developers then use the various actions to create flows for specific business logic.

  1. Web services module
Did you know? Your Drupal-powered site can be enabled for web services. Drupal’s Service modules allow ease of integration between web applications that run on different network platforms, hardware, databases and software to provide seamless service.

  1. API extensibility
Drupal's API was designed to be extendable. By allowing the developer community to modify portions of its modules and update it, the Drupal community benefits at large with feature-rich and high-quality modules saving time spent on web application development.

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