8 Mar 2017

An Android App Can Help Boost your Brand and Improve Business : Know how??

 Research tells us that over 3 billion smart phones will be operational by the year 2020, and over 70% of them will run the Android operating system (OS). This fact presents an unprecedented opportunity for small and large businesses worldwide, as they’ll be able to market their products and connect with their customers much easier with the help of smart phone technology – and apps in particular. Building an Android application can garner significant returns for your business and is well-worth the investment cost.
Here is how an Android app can help you boost brand recognition and gain revenues:
Provide convenient services to customers
  • Mobile apps are a great way to provide convenient services to clients. They’ll be able to access these services without visiting your office while traveling and while they live their daily lives. Remote services will bring down operational costs and also keep customers happy.
Engage with customers better
  •  Most people that own smart phones spend hours on their devices daily. With a well-made application, you can engage these clients, especially if you provide personalized services and integrate social media into your application.
Improve revenue generation
  • By making in-app purchases available and with advertisements, you can monetize your application and improve revenue generation for your business. If you sell products, customers will be able to shop from you conveniently and make mobile payments for their purchases.
Marketing made easy
  • An app is a great promotional tool. It allows you to advertise on budget and through social media integration. You can reward loyal clients through programs conducted via the app. You can also release discount coupons to app users to encourage them to buy your products.
Dominate your niche
  • Your app can be a calling card of sorts. It helps you establish an identity in your niche. Customers think more positively of businesses that own apps than those that don't. Research tells us that consumers are more likely to abandon firms that aren't mobile-friendly. With an application, you can readily cater to such customers.
You can hire an experienced app development company to make a custom Android app foryour business at affordable prices.  

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