24 Mar 2017

Make Your Mobile App Successful with the Help of these Top Essential Resources

There are millions of apps available on both Apple’s iOS Store and the Google Play store – over 4.5 million if you want to be specific. However, only a tiny number of these apps achieve any level of popularity and success. Many promising apps get abandoned by users because the developers weren’t thorough enough with their coding and testing.
If you're planning to build a new app, or are in the process of making one, then these developer tools can make development a breeze and drastically improve your chances of creating a successful product:

Wire frames to Create a Prototype
Many applications fail because the developers fail to plan ahead. With a wire frame, you can get a good idea of what your finished app would look like, how users would navigate through it, and also what resources it will need. You can use the free MockFlow tool to create a rough sketch of it.
Beta Testing to Improve User Experience
48% of app users will abandon it and use a competitor’s product if they don’t like the experience. Beta testing is the key to improving UX. With it, you can identify bugs and problem spots. You can also identify areas of the application that aren’t optimized enough. The tool UXCam lets you record user screen movements and identify trouble spots.
Image Management to Speed Up Load Times
Nothing holds up loading times like a huge image file. All images you use should be optimized to be as small as possible, without loss in quality. You will also need multiple image sizes for previews and thumbnails. Software like Aviary can help you manage your images better.
Appstore Optimisation (ASO) to Boost Downloads
Just like a website needs be search engine friendly, an application needs to be app store friendly. With ASO techniques, you can increase the chances of the product being found by users in the store. You need to optimize the title, description, and images to make it ASO-ready. The Sensor Tower software gives you the data required for ASO.
Retention Tools to Keep Users Loyal
Once you’ve found users, you need to find ways to keep them hooked. The Batch service lets you engage with customers better and keep them engaged via push notifications, targeted offers, loyalty programs and more. It also generates data that can help you with the marketing aspect.

Partnering with the right development team, who can help you through the deployment and post-deployment process, is paramount if you want to build something outstanding and long-lasting. Partner with Openwave’shighly experienced developers for best results!  

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