2 Mar 2017

Gain Maximum ROI by Building an iOS Mobile App

Mobile apps have become an integral part of the lives of billions worldwide. With mobile app downloads expected to double in the next three to four years, there has never been a better time for businesses to launch an app. A well-made application could potentially not only make the developer a lot of money, but also help with brand recognition, visibility, and engagement.

Apple’s iOS is the best platform if you want maximum ROI
Numerous reasons make iOS the first development platform of choice for developers worldwide. Here are some of the top ones:
  • Fast and affordable development: The iOS IDE – known as Xcode – allows developers to build and test outstanding applications quickly. Research tells us that, on an average, it takes dozens of hours more to build Android-based software as compared to iOS.
  • High revenue generation: The primary reasons why developers want to build first for iOS is that iPhone users are more willing to pay for software. Research tells us that iOS users download half as much as Android users, but still pay two times as much!
Your ROI will depend on the kind of app you are making
The kind of returns your app investment will give you will depend greatly on the application you are making. There are two broad categories of applications:
  • Promotional: Promotional apps don’t directly make money for you. Instead, they support your organisation in some way by boosting productivity, helping with marketing or providing remote services to customers. These kinds of products can also bring down operational costs. Examples include in-house productivity, messaging, and services apps.
  • Money making: The second type of app lets you earn money directly through downloads, subscriptions, in-app sales, and advertising revenue. Examples include game, entertainment, and ecommerce apps.

Outsource to a development company for maximum savings
If you’re not tech-savvy or you just want a polished product that only a professional can give you, you can hire external dedicated developers to build you application for you. You will not only be able to create an outstanding product with all the latest features, but you will also be able to make huge savings on development costs.  
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