16 Nov 2017

Sure-shot eCommerce Strategies to Capture the Singapore Market

Singapore can be considered as a highly progressive economy where cutting edge technology and services see great adoption. This is a great market for eCommerce development too as it is a nation-city with not many logistical challenges to surmount. That being the case, how can businesses boost their eCommerce sales and reduce their dependence on offline brick-and-mortar sales? 

The following steps are proven successes when it comes to boosting eCommerce sales:

1. Identify the right solutions that can add value to your customers: This is crucial for success. Each market has its own way of adapting to services. This must be borne in mind when developing a dedicated UI for that market. This helps the website stand apart from the rest and targets user preferences of that geography.

2. Pay attention to Content Marketing: Content is king. By having a content marketing strategy that incorporates the latest trends is important. Clever wordplay on products that elicit a light chuckle can actually go a long way in retaining customer attention and increase sales.

3. Uncluttered and Responsive Web Design: The website UI should be as simple as possible. This will ensure that users can easily navigate through the website to find the product of their choice. This can lead to more searches on the website and eventually lead to increased sales.

4. A strong email marketing strategy: While emails are no longer the predominant form of communication, beautifully crafted email newsletters are still sought after by users. A strong email marketing strategy that gets the customer hooked on the periodic content can reap good results.

5. Customers’ Review Page: Customers like to be asked for their opinion. Building a review page that allows customers to drop in their opinions or feedback on services can help businesses understand how their customers perceive them. Also, this can be used to address the grievances of the customer and in turn increase customer loyalty.

In conclusion, implementing these steps can help you boost your eCommerce revenues and increase the reach of your business in Singapore. To ensure that your website is optimized for eCommerce, get in touch with Openwave, a leading eCommerce development company in Singapore. They offer you expert guidance to boost website traffic and eCommerce sales.