26 Dec 2018

.NET Framework Vs .NET Core: What Should You Choose?

While .NET Framework and .Net Core share many components, there are a few important differences between them that have to be addressed and acknowledged in order to choose the right one for your project. The future prospects of the technology you are adopting is a vital consideration among the many you will be factoring in.

.NET Framework Vs .Net Core

Here are some key differences between .NET Framework And .NET Core.

.NET Framework supports several languages like C++, VB.NET, C#, F# and many more while .NET Core supports only C# and F#. So, if you are proficient in just C# and F#, you can pretty much take care of a lot of implementations. But despite the language you choose, it will run natively on compatible operating systems. While .NET Framework has different products like WPF, MVC, WinForms and more, .NET Core has MVC alone. This means that .NET Core is limited to the development of web apps only.

.NET Core was primarily developed to enable cross-platform app developments as .NET framework was restricted solely to Windows. .NET Framework is known to support websites, desktop apps, various services and more on Windows only while .NET Core is can be employed to support websites, servers, and console apps on not just Windows but also Linux and macOS.

Several companies often use .NET Core for creating server-side applications due to its amazing cross-platform capabilities. It is an open source platform which enables developers from across the world to collaborate and customize it to improve its quality and enhance their performance. Moreover, you don’t need to install it entirely. You may install only what is required. .NET Framework, on the other hand, is closed and as it is restricted to just Windows, it can’t as extensively used as the other. Here, you have to install it completely in the local computer system.

.NET Core serves various purposes as follows - Extensive cross-platform projects, microservice targeting, building high-performance, and scalable systems, excellent server-side applications and more.

.NET Framework serves the following - Developing apps whose core is .NET Framework, apps that don’t support .NET Core and apps that use third-party .NET libraries.

.NET Core does not have a library. So, for graphical apps, it is better to choose .NET Framework in this case. Similarly, depending on the need of your project, select the more suitable solution and carry-on with it. If you are looking to hire a professional .NET Development Company in Singapore, get in touch with Openwave! We provide exemplary services at absolutely affordable rates! Call us for more information!

19 Dec 2018

4 Tips To Exponentially Improve On-site e-Commerce Sales

Today, SEO has become increasingly significant when it comes to reaching more customers. While advertisements pave way for a great deal of exposure, ad blockers and other such software exist to keep well at bay from potential buyers. Ergo, there is definitely a need to employ multiple strategies that work differently to get customers from all directions.

Ecommerce Website Development Company

Here are 4 tips to exponentially improve on-site e-commerce sales.

1) Strive to improve organic rankings:

It is very important to lay focus on what is known as search engine optimization. Popular search engines like Google employ algorithms which are meant to capture quality content out of the ocean of information that is available on the internet. Using keywords pertaining to your category of search, within a specific range of density, is key to have your content more easily identified and brought to the first few pages of the search results. Catchy titles, meta-descriptions, web content - all of these have to be optimized to improve overall organic ranking of your on-site e-commerce store.

2) Get paid visibility as well:

It is not the best idea to completely rely on organic growth when you have goals that are demanding of your on-site e-commerce store. Paying for ads can actually be effective and sometimes even escalate sales like never before which will help accelerate your progress. Some may find you by typing a keyword in the search tab of a search engine. But many be introduced to you via paid ads. Using crisp and effective CTAs is key for instantly grabbing the attention of potential buyers.

3) Fantastic customer experience:

Providing customers with undeniably satisfying experience is very crucial to augment sales. This can be achieved by enhancing an interface of your on-site e-commerce store, simplifying navigation and payment processes, integrating advanced technologies like AI and VR, employing high-quality images and immersive videos, and more. There exist a variety of features that will enable you to effectively captivate customers. Use the most popular ones and stick to what works best for you.

4) Listen & react accordingly:

Make room for your customers to provide comments, feedback and suggestions about your on-site ecommerce store. It is essential to pay heed to them and work on the negatives to turn them into positives. This will eliminate any strong reason one could have to dislike your service and pave a way to work on making improvements for making more sales!

Using these key tips, you could have your venture soar to stellar heights! Looking to connect with professional on-site e-commerce developers in Singapore? Contact Openwave today and avail from our exclusive range of web solutions at absolutely affordable rates! Don’t forget your free quote!

10 Dec 2018

4 Things You Should Know To Create A Stellar B2B E-commerce Website

Business-to-business(B2B) is a large platform which needs be specially catered for to ensure efficient and smooth processing of events. When it comes to building e-commerce websites for such ventures, some key points are to be kept in mind in order to provide a strong foundation and an upright structure for the business to not only survive the test of times but also thrive in it.

B2B E-commerce Website Development

Here are 4 key tips to help you successfully carve out a perfect B2B e-commerce website.

1) Effective Branding:

As a B2B player, you will be catering to a larger sector of business. A lack of effort in providing sufficient information and content will affect the conversion rates. Moreover, you need to be consistently and effectively marketing your brand to improve discoverability and recognition. Also, ensure that your message and offers clearly reach the clients to avoid confusions.

2) Impressive Design:

Your B2B e-commerce website must rock an intuitive web design in order to capture more clients. Creating an attractive environment which provides extensive functionalities to users is key for retaining them and gently nudging them to reach you for order placement and purchase. It is thus really crucial to rock an impressive web design that spells superior quality.

3) Crispy Content:

Be very careful of what content you upload. The information you provide is what will predominantly dictate about your B2B e-commerce venture and services. Make the content crisp and to the point. Don’t beat about the bush. Lead customers directly to what their needs and interests are. This way, you can accelerate the purchasing process which will eventually lead to improved conversion rates.

4) Productive SEO:

For any website today, search engine optimization has to be performed to give it a better chance of being retrieved and displayed by popular search engines like Google when potential clients type in keywords related to your field and products in the search bar. Make sure you follow the right SEO techniques so that you don’t unnecessarily spend effort and time in making content that will probably get lost in the ocean of information on the internet.

Employing these tips mentioned above, one can efficiently run a successful B2B e-commerce website and achieve high returns. However, if you are looking for a Professional eCommerce web developer to make one for you, connect with Openwave! Avail our services at affordable rates. Call us now!

3 Dec 2018

Why Flutter Will Change Mobile Development For The Best

Google has a history of creating highly lucrative apps and Flutter is definitely one of them. It provides an amazing framework for cross-platform app development.  While the stable version is fast approaching, the preview 2 itself serves as an incredibly powerful platform to carry-out most of the promised tasks and functions. It is highly extensive with several modules to choose in order to suitable design the perfect app you want.

Flutter App Development Company

Here are 4 amazing ways Flutter enhances mobile development.

1) Simple And Quick Coding:

Flutter is extremely user-friendly and uses a language called ‘Dart’ for coding apps. It is very easy to learn it for developers who already have a knowledge of languages like Java, JavaScript, C# or even Kotline. In fact, it’s one of the simplest languages out there. This enables developers to complete projects faster than usual.

2) Easy to Adopt And Practise:

Since it is very simple to operate on this platform considering dart and other functions, developers more often than not find adopting and working with Flutter fairly easy. This greatly boosts productivity and enhances the overall performance of app developers. Additionally, it is also compatible with other languages which makes it more convenient to program and code.

3) Cross-platform App Development:

There are many such platforms available. But Flutter beats them all as it is packed exorbitantly with amazing features that are unparalleled. Google has really taken app development to the next by introducing this beast to the world. It boasts lucrative packages for both iOS and Android. It was made sure that iOS elements were not left-out to captivate iOS developers as well.

4) Accelerated Testing:

With such simplicity and ease of use, debugging and bug-fixing also become a piece of cake. Furthermore, you will have to code only once for both Android and iOS instead of coding for them separately. This means that your testing period will also shorten and you can launch your app without wasting much time!

Equipped with incredibly powerful tools, Flutter is your go-to platform to creating and developing cross-platform apps. Openwave is a Flutter app development company in Singapore. Connect with our experts to avail from our exclusive range of solutions today! Call us for a free quote!

30 Nov 2018

4 Reasons Why E-commerce Websites Need Live Chat Support

While you may rock an e-commerce website whose interface is as fluid as water, you will still be faced with customer queries. Failing to attend them will create a negative impression of your venture which might potentially affect customer engagement and stunt conversion rates. To avoid such a scenario, it is important to integrate live chat support, cater for and resolve all queries at the earliest. This will add positively to the recognition of your e-commerce venture.

Here are 4 reasons why e-commerce websites need live chat support.

1) Boosting Conversion Rates:

Customers often connect with you to ask specific queries related to specific products. While trying to satisfy them with appropriate answers, you can also convince them to buy those products. The conversation is instantaneous and it is very hard to achieve in the absence of a live chat. While customers tend to standby due to doubts and speculations, resolve them and have them proceed to making purchases on your e-commerce website.

2) Build Stronger Customer Relationships:

Communicating via live chat through your website develops good relationships with customers. With warm welcomes and kind services, they will feel good about your service. The fact that you take the effort to resolve their issue will further increase their trust in you. Providing service successfully even once will create a good impression and will encourage customers to become loyal towards your e-commerce venture.

Live Chat For E-commerce Website 

3) Augment Order Value:

After having convinced customers to buy a particular product from your e-commerce website, you can employ up-selling and cross-selling tactics to add-on to the order value by suggesting products that are closely related to their product choice. If a person is choosing to buy a phone, you could suggest a suitable phone case, or even a power bank as long as it is associated and compatible with the phone. Research indicates a marked increase in average order value when this strategy is employed.

4) Ask For Feedback:

Catering for customer queries and fulfilling orders is not an easy task. Pay close attention to customer psychology. In order to do so, get feedback from them. Ask what they like and what they don’t. Learn from their answers, chalk-out strategies to tackle what is lacking and implement accordingly in your e-commerce venture. Eventually, you will improve overall performance.

Employing live chat is a great strategy to boost sales and also improve your performance simultaneously. Achieve higher by integrating this amazing feature with your website. However, if you are looking to create an e-commerce website of your own, get in touch with Openwave! We house an arsenal of brilliant eCommerce web developers in Singapore. Call us today for a free quote!

28 Nov 2018

5 Practical Reasons Why Prestashop Should Be Your Online Store Solution

Setting-up online stores is much easier than it sounds with the kind of web solutions we are gifted with today. Prestashop is one of the best open source e-commerce solutions for building successful online stores. It offers a plethora of options to modify and manage e-commerce websites. With the multitude of options available to choose from and design your e-store, it is time to take your venture to the next level!

Prestashop Developer Singapore

Here are 5 practical reasons why PrestaShop should be your e-commerce solution!  

1) User-friendly:

Prestashop is a very lucrative platform which allows you to easily manage your e-store. You could have a wide range of categories and seamlessly manage them. It’s very easy to learn the modules and execute different functions as well. Without much effort, you could have a successful store up and running online in no time.

2) Highly Versatile:

What makes PrestaShop a must-have is that it can be deployed for building and managing m-commerce sites too, which makes it extremely versatile as most shoppers today make purchases via smartphones and tablets. Moreover, you have a ton of themes to choose from to suit your needs. You can modify and upgrade the site as and when you desire without much hassle.

3) Effective Marketing And Promotions:

It has dedicated modules which can be used to extensively market and promote your products in order to boost conversion rates exponentially. It integrates with popular social media platforms which potentially create widespread awareness of your brand and escalates sales to the next level.

4) Manage Products Efficiently:

With prestashop’s effective tool supply, managing products is greatly simplified. Enhance product representation to create better impressions on customers. Make appropriate product suggestions based on customer interests. Segregate between regular products and those on offer or special discounts.

5) Affordable Solution:

This e-commerce website builder is a freemium which enables several small business owners to reap benefits out of it for free. To get access to more features, you will have to pay. But the free version itself offers plenty of functions which can get your e-commerce website kickstarted.  

These are only a few of the several reasons for choosing Prestashop over other solutions. It is a great choice if you wish to start a new venture. It facilitates small to large scale e-commerce quite effortlessly. To get the most out of it, get in touch with Openwave, a world-class Prestashop development company in Singapore. Avail from our services at extremely affordable rates! Call us now for a free quote!

12 Nov 2018

Why Kotlin Is Better Than Java For Android Development

Java has been aggressively used to develop Android mobile apps since its creation. Soon, it became one of the favorite languages. But today, Android has officially come to adopt Kotlin as the language preference for mobile development. It was brought to picture in 2011 by JetBrains. The Java Virtual Machine (JVM) is a platform that accepts all kinds of languages, including Kotlin which compiles down to Java bytecode. It is fully interoperable with Java.

Android App Development Singapore

Here's how Kotlin is replacing Java with respect to Android development.

It Is New And More Extensive:

Java had emerged back in the mid1990s and revolutionized mobile app development, leading it for around 2 decades now. Though it has exciting features that are once boosted its usability and reputation equally. It’s known for its highly flexible nature. But recently, Android has shifted to a newer platform, Kotlin, which has shown immense promise in not only performing better but also enabling developers in ways like never before. It beats the opponent’s limited functionality with its extended abilities and relaxing the necessity for long, procedural coding.

It is not an entirely different language. Rather, it is an enhancement. This means that any Java developer can immediately transition into employing Kotlin without much hassle.  Moreover, they are so similar that they can be made to co-exist without being able to find a difference between them. You may convert from Java to Kotlin using IntelliJ. It simplifies that task to a great extent. However, it can’t be promised that the conversion will be error free. If you wish to manually do it, it will be extremely strenuous which may not be of your best interest. What’s really interesting is that these languages can be written together and still be functional, which reduces the burden of developers have converted to this new language.

Android has introduced a new plugin which once installed can be configured easily. The integrated development environment will then identify and understand the code and finally convert everything to Kotlin with the click of a button. Considering the kind of enforcement Android is using to promote this language’s usage, it is evident that the future of mobile apps is going to be different and much better. To get in touch with the leading Kotlin App Developers, connect with Openwave right away!

7 Nov 2018

7 Tips to Boost Sales On Your E-commerce Website This Holiday Season

E-commerce has progressed very quickly over the last decade and several businesses have flourished because of it. It's a big boon to the global market as it paved way for an unimaginable expansion of businesses and extensive reach of products and services. Holiday season amplifies opportunities for everyone to scale-up their business, boost sales and earn big! It's the busiest time of the year. So, make sure you're ready to take advantage of it and grow exponentially!

Best Ecommerce Website Development Company Singapore

Here are 7 stellar tips to boost e-commerce holiday season sales.

1) Level-up Your Marketing Game:

It is ideal for a company to invest more than 50% of the annual budget for advertisement during the holiday season to increase sales. It's no time for contemplation. It's time to execute. Notify customers well before the festive season about all offers and deals you have in store. Announce on social media and send across tons of e-mails to everyone. Doing this installs a strong memory of your company in the minds of people and it will remind them to visit your e-commerce website when it's time to shop.

2) Optimize e-Commerce Website Loading Speed:

Research states that customers generally don't like staying in an e-store for more than 3 seconds waiting for the pages to load. They will tend to skip your e-store and reach your competitors to complete the purchase. To avoid this scenario, ensure you optimize your website by removing all unnecessary scripting, extensions, and tools. Make it minimalistic and improve its functionality simultaneously. Sometimes, too many animations and images can slow download time. You could effectively minimize their use by making appropriate modifications.

3) Deploy a Holiday Season Theme:

Give your website a festive feel by using attractive holiday-themes and achieve the golden emotional connect with customers. Put up holiday exclusive products to nudge them into making a purchase in your e-store. Re-work your web design to make everything about it seasonal. It is a lot of work but it's definitely worth the effort. Everyone is in a holiday mood and if you play with it, you are bound to improve conversion rates. You could also communicate with customers while maintaining this magical aura they would love to have.

4) Offer Exceptional Customer Care Support:

There is going to be a huge traffic making its way to your e-commerce website and you have to equip yourself with robust solutions. Aim to provide exemplary customer care services by increasing your team strength and branching out to cater for various queries customers might need assistance with. Attend to every single query and resolve them as early as possible. One big incentive you have doing this is that you can make a lasting impression which will draw the customers to your e-store time and again.

5) Maximize Up-selling And Cross-selling:

Customers are willing to spend money during the holiday season and that should drive you to catapult your up-selling and cross-selling to the next level! Track customer-behavior and accordingly suggest relevant products customers might be interested in. If a person is navigating to a particular shirt, prompt them to purchase a matching pant and a pair of shows along with it. This is how you gently nudge them to buy more from your website and effectively increase product sales to get maximum returns. 

6) Send Personalized E-mails And Re-target Customers:

If you notice certain customers who navigated through your e-commerce store but didn’t end up buying anything, look for what they showed interest in. Then, send personalized e-mails and convince them to buy products by mentioning that they’re available on offer and they're limited in number. You could even drop the price a bit, especially for them, so that they feel like they're given a unique opportunity which they wouldn't want to lose, especially during holiday season. This is one way of boosting sales by persuading customers who had initially left your e-store without making any purchase.

7) Create Scarcity to Increase Conversions:

You may not get your hands on a large quantity for certain products. In this scenario, you can label them as exclusive products that are limited in number. You could also set a time before which the customers should buy them, thereby creating an urgency to go ahead with the purchase. This is a useful tactic in business that disables the customer's ability to think any further and calls for an immediate decision. More often than not, they end up buying those products from your e-commerce website and therefore improve your sales rate.

The business environment today is extremely competitive and nobody wants to back down during the festive season. It is imperative that you prepare yourself well to be able to compete with everyone. Use these tips to strategically drive your sales like never before! Openwave is an exemplary e-commerce website development company in Singapore. Connect with us to get stellar solutions at unbelievably affordable rates! Get your quote, today!

26 Oct 2018

Is Your Website Geared Up For This Holiday Season?

Families are going to go on shopping sprees, kids are going to hunt candy, and this holiday is going to be packed with fun. Today, we have gone digital with most of our ventures; ecommerce has taken shopping online; we watch movies online, read books online, etc. In this digital world, a website is what defines businesses. When every other person is using a smartphone or a computer throughout their day, the best way to catch their attention and bring them to your venture is through a website!

Website Development Company in Singapore

Is your website optimized for this holiday? Here are 4 steps to follow:

1) Rework The Shopping Cart: When there is an incredible inflow of customers, it goes without question that the website's shopping cart has to be impeccable. Ensure it is ready to handle a number of customers. Users typically expect a smooth and personalized transactional experience. The products should be easy to purchase, with a variety of payment options and a secure checkout.

2) Secure The Site: A security certificate should be the first thing you get for your website. There always exists a scare of getting hacked! When running a website that brings in thousands of customers, protecting their data and securing their payments should be the first priority. Get a proper payment portal made, and ensure the site is secure overall.

3) Keep Out Lag: Often times during sales, ecommerce websites freeze due to the huge traffic generated by customers everywhere. When an iPhone is sold for 50% off, it is obvious that a lot of people will try to get it. Your website should be ready to hold the heavy flow of customers. If there's even a hint of lag, chances are high that you will lose a customer!

4) Offer Holiday Incentives: Holidays are the time for celebrations, and for a customer, discounted rates and extra goodies are the celebrations! Make sure you offer terrific discounts, while also taking home some profits. Competition is heavy today, and every other business will try to price more aggressively than the other.

Hire the right website development company in Singapore; with a good team assisting you, you will have a terrific website ready to roll, and reel in a tremendous crowd! Call Openwave today and avail our expert Web Development Services. With our developers by your side, your website will take to the skies!

22 Oct 2018

Catch 2019 Web Development Trends Now Before You Lose

The field of web development is rapidly growing and highly competitive. Creating attractive and minimalistic web designs is very challenging. Stagnating out-dated designs affect your business negatively in the long-term. Moving with trends is a practical way of building your engagement rates and keeps you updated. Use every opportunity you get to explore new layouts and improved functionalities of your website.

For now, we have listed 4 web development trends you need to seize in 2019.

1) One-page Websites: 

It has been a couple of years before these websites started trending. According to data, it's observed that many users buy products or services due to the captivating animation and design of content in a single page. People like creativity. Any work worthy of appreciation, subconsciously nudges them to take that extra step and make the purchase.

2) Long Reads:

They have brought a new flavor for avid readers. Again, employing animation and design is a key factor. People are not interested in reading just the text. They want to visualize what they’re reading. Add images and icons to enhance the reading process. Use simple text. The visuals will take care of the rest.

3) Typography:

There were times when fonts were quite neglected and their innovation slow in pace. But people eventually realized that creative fonts do attract attention and so, more focus was given. Now there are an incredible number of fonts available. While using several fonts is not good for a website, a couple or a handful can be used to do a good job.

4) Markup:

In this style, objects in the website are found scattered, yet uniquely in order. Not much content is thrown at you. Rather, you have less words and numbers placed in a way that is attractive, supported by immersive visuals. It's highly minimalistic and easily earns appeal.

Trends may come and trends may go. Timely adaptation is required to stay in the game and receive attention. However, if you are interested in taking the game to the next level, contact Openwave - the best web development company in Singapore. Get a free quote for our world-class web solutions, today!

5 Oct 2018

4 Reasons Why Your Business Site Has To Be Mobile-Friendly

How rare it is to spot a person outside without a smartphone! Today, in 2018, smartphones have become every man, woman and child's best friend. From playing games to booking shows, to reserving dinners - you can do almost anything with a mobile. Shopping, especially, has risen to a new level! With m-commerce here, mobiles are as good, as or even better than actual shops. The real market is out there, inside the smartphone, and with competition stifling, you can't afford to miss out on them.

Here are 4 reasons why your website should be mobile-friendly:

1) Increasing Number of Mobile Users: Almost 60% of the world today uses a smartphone, and the same numbers prefer mobiles over computers. This means, having a website isn't enough anymore! Your site has to look and function efficiently when accessed through a phone. A good-looking mobile site will reach out to the bigger audience that exists in the mobile-world.

2) Social Media Boom: There was a time when users spent hours sitting in front of their computers just to go through their FaceBook newsfeed. Today this action can be completed from anywhere - on a metro, in a mall, or even on a beach! All thanks to mobile phones. With a mobile-friendly site, your customers will be able to share on various social media, thereby increasing the conversion rate for your business.

Mobile Friendly Website Development Company in Singapore

3) The Daily Shopper's Need: Imagine you're outside and you see someone wearing a gorgeous scarf, what's your first move? You Google it to find product details on the only device you carry - a smartphone! Hardcore shoppers spend hours on their smartphones, searching for discounts, offers and deals. A mobile-friendly site helps you connect with a hungry customer.

4) Shopping Ratios: Studies show that the mobile-friendly nature of a website acts as a governing factor for several visitors. If your website is slow, cluttered and not fit to a phone screen, users are likely to never come back! And the last thing you need is Zero disappointed customers.

Ecommerce is making waves across all industries today - from fashion to food, the world is in your palms. Make your business website mobile-friendly, and watch the customer growth! Call Openwave - the Best Web and Mobile App Development Company, and get an amazing website made! Take your venture to the skies, partner up with us. 

11 Sep 2018

Aspects To Remember While Developing A Retail App

With so many industries going online, retail didn't have long. Ecommerce has taken over today, and several shops are migrating online. Businesses have to thrive, and a majority of the audience today is online. Retail is an industry that will never die down, and with such incredible technology at hand, any business can grow! Retail is challenging, as it is lucrative, the competition in this industry is cut-throat. This had made the need for a professional mobile app development organization greater than ever!

To dominate your competitors and surf the high tide, keep these things in mind:

1) Customer Requirement: No business can run without customers. Retail especially needs the consistent customer to stay relevant in the industry. To make sure your visitors feel pleased, think from their perspective. Catering your products isn't important; it is catering what matters to them. Make sure the products you offer are relevant. For example, selling sand in a desert is not in any sense a good idea!

2) Visual Appeal: This is an aspect that needs a lot of stress. Having an app will not magically reel in customers; only when it appeals to them will the real magic happen. Design plays an indispensable role in app development. Keep your app simple, elegant and yet a platform that offers diverse functions. Visual appeal alone can reel in over 60-70% of the crowd!


3) Constant Support: An app, no matter how good, will eventually have trouble. Even the best of them have bug issues, performance lag etc. The best way to deal with this is to provide regular supports, be it to the customer, or the app. Making your users feel important is the first step to a long-lasting relationship with them! Keep your app updated, and yourself available to your users.

4) Marketing: You have a great app, but how will you take it to the world? App marketing is as, or more important than its own making! From App Store Optimization (ASO) to sponsored advertisements, there are several steps you will have to take to ensure a healthy market.

With these checkboxes ticked, you can go on and dominate the retail industry! A good mobile app has several roles in business. Don't wait for the right time, get one today. Call Openwave and hire a retail app developer in Singapore today. Our services are world-class and affordably priced. Get a free quote today!

14 Aug 2018

How Conversion Rate Optimization Is Impacting Ecommerce

Ecommerce is one of the most profitable grounds today and competitive all the same. There are tons of online stores today and topping the charts isn't as easy as it was before. The crux of succeeding in ecommerce is getting people's notice and converting them into customers. Ecommerce web design and development has become a very lucrative field due to increasing demand! This brings us to CRO - Conversion Rate Optimization, the metric used to measure the rate of conversion. CRO is one of the best ecommerce solutions!

Here's how ecommerce is impacted by CRO:

1) Customer Understanding: The logic in ecommerce is standard: if a customer likes your website, he is more likely to visit yours over others'. A good CRO strategy helps in impacting the sales of your business by delivering user data like demographics, product preferences etc, which in turn lets you optimize your website to cater better.

2) Optimized Navigation: Navigation is a very crucial component of a webpage, yet it's almost always ignored! Only when a customer is able to seamlessly navigate between multiple pages, he/she will find your site attractive. An online store will have hundreds of products, and shuffling between these should be efficient to convert a visitor into a customer!

3) Personalized Messages: The best way to convert a visitor into a customer, and to retain a customer, is a nice pop-up message when they leave the site and a "thank you" note when they make a purchase! This might sound cliché, but works fantastically and makes the visitor feel delighted.

4) Stunning Design: A captivating design has a higher chance of retaining a visitor than any other measure. From the landing page to the product page, focusing on the design is key! Keep it minimalistic and convenient to use, with clear and loud text.

CRO is the backbone of an online business. Since ecommerce is based predominantly on advertising and spreading the word, CRO plays a huge role in retaining those who visit and improving existing customer experience. Looking to avail stellar ecommerce solutions? Call the best ecommerce web development company today - Openwave!