30 Jan 2019

Kick-Start Your Website With These Healthy Practices

Website development is something that is quite crucial in this day and age of digitization. Every new venture needs a website to establish a presence online. While there are so many ways to add value to your site, it is very important to seek website development services and implement practices which are practical in helping it thrive by gaining considerable traffic, convert well over time and have a lasting impact on its audience.

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Here are 4 healthy practices you can employ to kick-start your website!

1) Make A Riveting Elevator Pitch:

It is key to pitch something relevant. Storytelling can really move people, if done right. It can be used as an effective tool to express what your venture’s about, or even what your personality is. Do you have a unique experience that can interest people? An idea that can change things for the better? What is the one thing you want your audience to take away from you? Representing answers to these questions in an understandable and attractive manner by seeking professional website development services can make a huge impact!

2) Display The Best Work Done:

You may have done a lot of things in the course of time with respect to the venture that you are trying to build. That does not mean you should show everything to your audience. It is better to filter out the best work that you have done and show its working and results to impress them. This will immediately convey to them what your core is and what you really stand to do!

3) Post Valuable Blogs:

Blogging has become an essential activity of any venture as it is able to deliver brief content which holds some value to the reader. For instance, if you are running a gardening business, you could give away some free tips on how to vermicompost to your consumers. This way, you captivate them with your knowledge and nudge them to buy from you eventually. Additionally, visual elements can be added to enhance the blog post. Attaching affiliate links will help you earn more too!

4) Provide All Your Locations On The Internet:

As a new venture trying to establish online, it is important to be on multiple platforms. With the kind of competition that’s bubbling today, proactive measures have to be taken for staying afloat at the least. Social Media is a great place to hoist your flag and emanate your vibes to the world from. Word spreads like wildfire and that’s what you need to get you all the traffic!

These practices can give you a good boost in the beginning and allow you to make a proper establishment that will last and not fail over time. If you would like to hire an expert Website Development Company in Singapore, reach Openwave! Our developers provide astute website development services at nominal rates! Contact us to know more!

2 Jan 2019

7 Effective Magento Web Development Trends For E-commerce

We live in a world of digitization which has paved way for performing trade online via e-commerce websites. Magento is a great web solution for establishing a successful e-commerce set-up. It provides a wide range of lucrative features which enable the owner to effectively capture the market and drive traffic in order to boost sales. With incessant developments taking place, it undoubtedly stands tall as one of the best platforms for online retailers and any Magento development company will certainly have an upper hand over its competitors. 

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Here are 7 effective Magento web development trends for e-commerce that you should know.

1) Employing More Negative Space:

While a web design serves as a vital conversion factor for all websites, it is vital to note that loading it with unnecessary and redundant elements will not help with the purpose. It is thus not advised to use the entire space available for adding features. Importance should be given to blank space as well. It improves the aesthetics of the page and prevents customers from feeling bombarded with a clutter of information. Moreover, this strategy tends to improve user experience by allowing them to conveniently digest the content available on your Magento e-commerce website.

2) Captivating Call-to-action Buttons:

It is observed that over 90% of the e-commerce website visitors read the CTA. Placing an interactive and attractive button to proceed with purchase is key to nudge customers to buy products from your Magento e-commerce website. It has to be in line with the primary design and colors used on the website. Customizing these buttons to suit your web design, you could augment conversion rates. An expert Magento development company is usually keen about the smallest of things that can have a positive impact on your e-commerce website because such subtle nuances can potentially set you apart from your competitors and have your venture converting more.

3) Responsive Grid Layout:

Responsive designs cater to different screen sizes. They easily adjust to all smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops alike. A grid layout provides a smooth interface of customers to navigate through various items comfortably without any hassle. It’s perfect for responsive design because it seamlessly adapts to all devices and caters to enhancing the user experience for better engagement by offering a neat and naturally uninterrupted outlook. A Magento e-commerce website would certainly go miles with this one equipped.

4) Customized Illustrations:

Using unique and creative images to depict clearly what you want to express is important as it could possibly be the gamechanger your e-commerce website needs to gain a competitive edge. Pictures with custom-drawn illustrations tend to speak a lot more effectively to viewers and more often than not lead them to make potential purchases. This way, you can add more value to visual elements on your e-commerce website to make them appear more eloquent and engaging. Seeking help from an experienced Magento development company is a good idea if you would like some assistance.

5) Material Design:

This is another choice of web design that is widely used to provide the exemplary user experience. Having all elements adjusted to abide by the principles of material design, it is quite possible to escalate engagement rates in view of the efficient interface that is ultimately enabled. Your items are showcased and listed in a lucid way that is quite alluring and appealing to customers. It is a good idea to seek professional aid from a Magento development company if you need any assistance in improving the quality of your e-commerce site.

6) Parallax Scrolling:

It is an amazing technique in computer graphics that have background images scroll down or up slower than foreground images for providing a uniquely immersive virtual experience to the user. This tremendously impacts visualization and promotes customer retention as a result of its effects. Magento incorporates this feature into its platform to provide you with its perks. It’s a great way of having the customer’s interests piqued, paving way for the exploration of your e-commerce website and eventually leading to potential conversions along the way.

7) Bold Fonts:

Highlighting important pieces of information with bolded font has been observed to work brilliantly in recent years. Many Magento developers have used this strategy for drawing more attention wherever required. Likewise, bold colors and gradients are also being employed to bring about similar effects. A professional Magento development company will make sure that it is done in such a way that it blends with the web design of your Magento e-commerce website and maintains coherence with it.

These are the rising Magento trends that you should absolutely consider incorporating into your e-commerce for maximizing returns this year! If you are looking for a Magento e-commerce development company in Singapore, get in touch with Openwave! Our supreme arsenal of experts provides exclusive solutions to have your venture fly sky-high! Contact us for more information.