22 Jun 2018

4 Benefits of Hiring a Dedicated Developer From a Trusted Company

If you’re a store owner, you’d definitely want your shop to be spot-on, organized and attractive, so that just the appeal of the shop draws in customers. Then why not give your website the same appeal? Your website /app is an embodiment of your shop, your objectives, and your entire business. That’s why e-commerce owners leading in the game have all hired web and app developers of the best quality. In any case, here are 4 reasons why you should hire a trustworthy, dedicated developer.

1.) Their Experience is an Asset

Like it is rightly said ‘Practice makes perfect’, experience is what makes a developer perfect. The more the number of products a company has delivered, the better they know about different technologies. Once they’ve tried their hand at something for multiple times, they’d know in advance where and how errors arise and how those errors can be fixed. Being well-versed with all possible strategies is an added advantage. 

2.) Cost-Efficiency

Handing your project to in-house employees would mean paying them salaries and perks, spending money on their training, etc. This would chunk out a fairly huge amount of the budget you plan for your app or website. Hiring off-shore employees is a cost-efficient solution as they 

(i) charge a one-time fee per project 

(ii) are more experienced and trained 

(iii) complete the project in less time

(iv) are well-aware of latest developments. 

This will reduce your overall costs and offer high returns.

3.) They Have a Business-Oriented Approach

From working on multiple projects prior to yours, experienced developers would know just the right strategies to make use of so as to build you an amazing website or app that will attract traffic, boost income and let your business thrive, everything on time. 

4.) Focus on What’s Important

With an expert development team backing your app and web development, you will gain more time to focus on what’s more important in your project like branding and marketing your business. With trustworthy development companies which exude professionalism, you don’t have to bother about getting an awe-inspiring app. Let the experts handle it. 

Hire a dedicated developer team from Openwave for all your development needs and feel the difference! Our trained developers will help you expand your business with the most innovative solutions.

8 Jun 2018

2 New Technologies for Faster Development of Mobile Apps.

Experts have stated that there are a very few companies and mobile application developers who regularly update their knowledge about the latest technologies for mobile application development. Though there are numerous languages which assists the developers in app development it is important to choose that technology which is best for the company.  Mobile app development usually takes place with the help of languages such as Java, C++, HTML5, Swift programming language and many more. But now, new technologies have also been emerged for developers to have a look. 


One of the updated technology is Flutter which mobile app developers in Singapore and across the world are considering as it makes use of DART and not the JavaScript as the language of programming. It provides flexibility in the development of mobile application.  Since it is backed by Google, the technology is packed with wide range of plug-ins. 


Another application which one of the best mobile app development companies in Singapore makes use of is Kotlin. Kotlin is a language which is developed from the limitation of Java and provides the advantage of where Java fall short. It is an open-source program whose extensions are beneficial for mobile application developers as without many changes at the source code they can add methods as well as class to the program. This language is compatible with all of the versions of Android moreover, it is also interoperable with Java. In addition to this, Kotlin has great tooling support of Android and IDE. 

So, both Flutter and Kotlin are fresh technologies which could really help in the development of mobile apps across the world for the faster development of the app and reduce the overall time taken for development of such mobile apps. These are packed with bundles of features and tools which brings various benefit for the developer as well as to the company as a whole.  Fortunately, Openwave mobile app developers use both these technologies in their operations.