30 Dec 2019

What You Need To Know Before Starting A New Business In 2020

There’s always a demand for a service or a commodity in the market. But as a smart business, your job is to create a demand, not cater to the existing smaller amounts. Starting a business and running it successfully is a big challenge, not without its hurdles. But if thousands are able to pull it off and see success, you can too. The trick is to be aware of the starting troubles and know how to execute your plan best.

How To Grow Your New Business Right!

Here are 4 crucial aspects of getting started with a new venture

1. Plan Ahead 

No great business started off without a plan. When it comes to building an online business, you need to keep in mind that the competition is stifle in the online space. Plan ahead completely; see your business 5 years down the line and take the steps necessary to achieve success. There are several ecommerce businesses that started off small but are incredibly profitable today – yours could be one too!

2. Focus on Your Customer

The known secret to running a successful business is to always prioritize the customer. If one customer is happy, more will follow. Word of mouth works wonders and earning a customer’s loyalty will take you to starry heights in the ecommerce space.

3. Advertise Smartly

How efficiently you advertise your business is what will define how well it grows. Advertisements are one of the prime sources of conversion when it comes to online businesses. A smart, witty advert can bring in a huge following overnight! 

4. Utilize Social Media

Social media is so powerful today that thousands of brands are able to thrive solely off of their social media following. Employ the right social media targeting and marketing techniques, and you will take to the top in no time
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11 Dec 2019

5 Reasons Why Magento Has The Best Ecommerce Security

A prominent name in the e-commerce game, Magento offers a plethora of features for businesses looking to grow online. Though there are a number of options to choose from, there are certain key reasons to work with Magento - security being the most crucial. With safety issues on the rise, digital ventures can't take the risk of being lenient with their security measures.

Magento Development in Singapore

Magento 2 gives the best e-commerce development experience through the several security patches it provides vendors. With Magento, they are able to house a platform that's risk-free and completely secure! By upgrading to Magento, you can give customers a top-notch experience.

Let's see how Magento helps secure your e-business:

1) Seamless Password Management 

While migrating from Magento 1 to 2, you will face no password issues. With hackers often able to crack passwords easily, it is important for ecommerce sites to provide tight password management. By employing SHA-256 hashing algorithms, Magento ensures that no one is able to find out the password; authentication only happens by checking against it.

2) Two-factor Authentication 

With the 2FA extension, you can set both a password and a dedicated phone authentication method. By doing this, you are securing your site completely since your phone will be with you and you only!

3) Custom Admin URL

Typically, admin URLs will be like this - www.website.com/admin. Hackers are able to access this easily and enter your domain. In Magento, you can customize your admin dashboard URL from within, to ensure only you have the knowledge of the space!

4) Timely Updates 

Magento releases updates continuously to ensure that if there are any bugs or problems, they get patched immediately. As a Magento user, you need not worry about your site getting exposed to any issues!

5) Dynamic Backup 

Data backup is vital to ensure that your data isn't mishandled or erased by anyone. Magento provides dynamic backup that happens in set time periods, to make sure that information important to you isn't deleted.

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2 Dec 2019

When You Should Consider Changing Your Business Logo

Technology is always on the move and businesses have to move with them. A decade ago, logo designing was primitive compared to what it is today. From Photoshop to myriad online logo creators, there are a number of ways to get a stellar logo made. The predominant digital-first approach followed now has made it crucial for brands to have a stunning identity for their ventures through a logo. First impressions form the best impressions, and logos are what form first impressions! This is why it is important that businesses always keep an eye on their logo and rework it when the time is right.

Best Logo Designing Service in Singapore

Here are 4 signs that your logo needs to be changed:

1) It Doesn't Resonate With Your Brand

Be it a simple logo or a complex one, the point of it is to resonate with your brand. People should be able to identify your brand and know what you stand for just by seeing your company's logo. If the one you currently have doesn't resonate with your brand, consider changing it.

2) It Doesn't Convey Any Meaning

It can be argued that there are some logos that are absolutely crazy; logos don't have to crazy! There are several brands that have logos which don’t match their venture, but it’s always better to have one that goes with your service/product. Customer find it easier to resonate with your business that way!

3) It Looks Too Plain

There’s nothing wrong with plain logos. Take Samsung or Apple for example, they’re monochromatic and one-dimensional. But their brands are defined by their products, not their logos! For emerging businesses or relatively newer brands, it is crucial to have a logo that matches the current trend.

4) The Typography Is Absurd

Typography is incredibly vital to stand out as a business. The font you use has to match with the logo and look aesthetic! Many brands don’t make a good impression because of the fonts utilized!

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