17 May 2019

How To Boost Download Rate For E-commerce Apps!

Mobile app development serves to be a lucrative solution for all kinds of ventures, even those related to online retailing. Investing in e-commerce app development will help you dramatically improve brand recognition and boost sales eventually. However, there are certain ways to potentially increase the download rate of your app. An increase download rate reflects its popularity and reliability.

E-Commerce App Development

Here are the tips and tricks that will help you boost the download rate of your e-commerce app.

#1. Run Launch Campaigns:

Before the launch of your e-commerce app, it is better to run a campaign emphasizing its key features, creating an interest in potential users. This will have them expect your app and as soon as it is deployed, you will find many users downloading your app immediately! Early announcements and engagements help you create a community ready to make use of your m-commerce app!

#2. Pursue App Store Optimization:

The app store runs on a certain algorithm and showcases apps based on it. If you don’t play by its rules, you won't have your app enlisted even when people search for the app. Make sure the App name includes your brand name, include relevant keywords in the content being published, nudge people to download your app with the help of the pre-launch campaigns and seek reviews & ratings. Also, translating your app into other languages for different countries will possibly improve your app ranking!

E-Commerce App Developers in Singapore

#3. Perform Google Search Optimization:

Optimizing your app in Google searches is another way to boost the download rate of your app. By including the brand name in the anchor text pointing to your page and in the URL of the app download page, you will be able to improve search recognition. Also, getting high-quality relevant backlinks will help your page rank better.

#4. Leverage Use Your Website:

The users and customers of your existing website are the most likely to get to know about your m-commerce app and be interested in using it. So, focus on driving traffic from your website to your app so that you can easily improve the download rate. Creating a separate banner will be a good idea in this regard.

#5. Promote via Social Media:

Majority of the population is engrossed in social media. By reaching out to the people on popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest, you will be able to dramatically increase user engagements and generate more downloads for your e-commerce app. Share the download link on your profiles, posts, and even run ads. These are quick ways of gaining user attention and creating business opportunities.

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