19 Mar 2018

5 Reasons Why Magento is the Best Platform for B2B Customers

Ecommerce has seen the greatest manifestation of the penetration of internet into the business arena today. With a major portion of eCommerce transactions in Singapore being attributable to B2B, there is a rising demand for smart eCommerce platforms to exemplify the overall shopping experience for customers. One such promising platforms is Magento which has become a force to reckon with in the industry and is a viable choice for B2B customers.

Here are some reasons why Magento ought to be your platform of choice to build an online store on:

1)  Support for Customer-Centered Marketing

What makes Magento a preferred favorite of any B2B website developer and web avenue owner is support for advanced data acquisition, filtered to their age category, location demographics and even shopping behavior. Such insights forms the base of designing targeted shopping and web promotion campaigns for customer segments, all of which is provided out of the box on the platform.

2)  ‘Private Sales’ Features

A great way to attract customer patronage is to make them feel special, and Magneto’s ‘Private Sales’ feature helps achieve just that. This helps certain customers to be given a specific UI, which can drive additional offers and discounts based on past usage, or suggested new launch products.

3)  Bulk Ordering Support

Yet another path-breaking feature in Magento appealing especially to the wholesale buyers is the ‘Order by SKU’ extension. This enables you to cut short the time that your frequent wholesale buyers have to spend in choosing the right product and placing bulk orders.

4) Product Specific Shipping

Nothing excites a business buyer on your eCommerce portal more than a shipping option tailored to the product types they most often shop for. With Magento, your business buyers can be provided with customized shipping options for the product categories they most commonly purchase.

5) Customized and Grouped Pricing

Many of your business customers would like to operate their retail and wholesale shops on the same platform, and with Magento’s grouped pricing feature, they can maintain separate price lists for the same product units for their shops.

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