31 Oct 2019

4 New Features Angular 8 Brings to The Table

For the last few months, several updates got rolled out and Angular 8 is seeing a lot of traction because of it! Known widely as Google's client-side web framework, Angular is something that has never stopped scaling. With its cutting-edge provisions for boosting ROI, improving performance and delivering excellence, it is no doubt that Angular development is set to change the way we view web development today.

Angular Web Development 

Here are 5 features Angular 8 houses that you should look out for:

#1. Lazy Loading:

Lazy loading has been followed for quite a while now in Angular, and is becoming a regular practice. While Angular 8 hasn’t particularly changed this, it has reworked the framework to adopt a more dynamic import syntax that works better with client-side web development. This new syntax relies lesser now on parsing class names, but instead enables IDEs to ensure your imports are precise.

#2. Differential Loading:

With the brand new differential loading for Angular 8, you can create two separate production bundles for your app. The <script> tag attributes let your browser request and import an appropriate bundle. Keep in mind that most modern browsers will request a bundle that employs ES2015 JS syntax which will be smaller when compared to the legacy bundle using ES5 to support old browsers.

#3. Workspace APIs:

Workspace APIs aren’t going to come in handy on every project you take. Angular allows you to create and build custom deployment commands using hooks. Similarly, there are APIs allowing users to open and work within defined workspaces. All of this helps reduce the manual manipulation that project configuration requires.

#4. Web Workers:

With Angular development, it is incredibly easy to use web workers and handle CPU-intensive tasks. You need no longer worry about boilerplate syntaxes and drive your focus towards coding better.

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4 Oct 2019

Why Hiring Dedicated Dotnet Developers Will Work Best for Your Business

While new web development technologies have entered the markets, Dot Net still continues to be one of the most prominent web development platforms. Equipped with a number of cutting-edge facilities, Dot Net is, without doubt, a platform every developer can bank on. In recent times, many businesses have started outsourcing their development needs to offshore ventures in an aim to save costs. However, being cost-effective isn't the only advantage, hiring dedicated developers comes with a lot more benefits.

Hire Dedicated Dotnet Developers in Singapore

Here are some reasons why hiring dedicated Dot Net developers will work wonders for you:

1) Offshore development companies are almost always punctual with their delivery. When you hire a Dedicated .NET Developer in Singapore, you can rest assured that your projects will be bug-free and delivered to you on time. The reason behind this is that offshore developers have years of experience and have catered to various business verticals. 

2) Web development should always be a scalable process. A good developer will always provide you with flexible development solutions. You won't always get the expected outcome when getting a website developed. It is the developer's responsibility to change features and provide you with scalability as and when needed. And with an offshore dedicated resource, you'll be able to avail this seamlessly.

3) As a business, you have to be wary of the fact that there are a number of IT solutions companies that scam clients. They will get you to pay them and bind you within a faulty contract. This is why it is important to review a company before partnering up with them. Typically, offshore .NET development from a company like Openwave will be both punctual in development and of top-notch quality.

4) Typically, when you get a website or a web app developed, you will incur a number of hidden costs. But the problem is that you can't say no to these since you have already committed! And so the development companies will take you on a ride. But with a dedicated developer, you'll be able to fit yourself into a business model of your choosing.    

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