17 Jan 2018

5 Sure Shot Ways of Developing an Extraordinary Mobile App Design

In the world of mobile app development, nothing heralds greater importance than the UI/UX design. Getting the app design right is crucial as it plays a significant role in retaining customers. While each mobile application is unique in its own respect, success eludes applications that do not offer a simple and intuitive UI. 

So, how can developers ensure that their apps offer the best user experience? Paying attention to the following tips can be of great help:

Use Standardized Elements: Critical app elements such as buttons, icons, and symbols are usually maintained the same across all applications. This helps users familiarize with the application without any hassle. 

Embrace Symmetry and Uniformity: The human eye loves symmetry and has an easier time looking at things that are in order. Maintain uniformity in color, font, and graphics throughout the application wherever possible.

Intuitive Animations: The transition between pages should incorporate animations that are subtle and intuitive. Providing a haptic feedback and smooth animations can help improve the user experience and make it easy to move between multiple windows.

App Speed: Consumers are highly intolerant of apps that face snags during loading. Build apps that work flawlessly and have a low memory footprint. This can help you retain the user interest in your app and ensure that the number of uninstalls are low.

Keep it Simple: The attention span of an average app user is very low. Unless you bring the desired product in front of your user in less than 8 seconds, you are likely to lose customers. Hence, ensure that the loading times are fast. Also, optimize your app in such a way that any page is less than four taps away from the home screen.

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