29 May 2018

3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Drupal 8 for Innovating Your Business Online

Drupal is a very well-known CMS or content management system around the world. Known to have powered over a million different websites, it has had immense popularity among the masses and is loved by enterprises for its success in delivering quality solutions to complex issues of web development. Even though, it is another fact that Drupal has managed to clinch the deal only gradually as there was a time it was labeled ‘less user-friendly’ in spite of its attractive features and functionalities. After all this time, the latest addition to the family is the Drupal 8, which is easier, more accessible, open-source and easier. With multiple themes and plugins, it also guarantees scalability and user-friendliness. Here are 3 reasons why Drupal 8 is best to innovate your enterprise.

1.) It Supports Multiple Languages

It boasts of more than 94 languages apart from other innovative multilingual features with the language code mapping system improved to be more flexible. Now translating local and vernacular content is an easy-breezy process! Apart from language-based block-visibility, Drupal 8 comes incorporated with 4 language modules.

2.) Easier Way of Adding And Editing Content

Back then, users needed to use the back-end for content-editing but now it is also possible from the front-end. With the latest member, site admins can now create, add or edit content on the newly designed page for content-creation, across different devices, along with additional formatting buttons like italicise, bold, adding media and links, etc. in the CKEditor. 

3.) Priority to Mobiles

Version 8 now allows users and developers to make use of the platform across mobile, desktop and tablet devices. The new themes are such that they align themselves automatically depending on the type of device screen that is in use. Drupal 8 is not limited to just being fully responsive, it also brings about better website performance on mobile devices by decreasing the load time significantly and speeding up the overall process. Moreover, you can now build APIs for mobile apps and edit the content across any and every mobile device, anywhere. 

In conclusion, Drupal 8 is till-date the most innovative version of the Drupal family. With advanced features and customization options on offer, it makes complete sense to leverage its benefits to boost your business and take it to the next level with the help of Drupal 8 web developers who are well-versed with this amazing CMS. 

15 May 2018

How to Double Up Your Online Sales?

With the world going from shop and pick to swipe and click, there is no dearth of sellers waiting on customers online. There are simply too many e-commerce sites right now, with the agenda of making money and gaining an upper hand over other similar businesses. Of course, the business is virtually the same for all these folks. So what would give any one of them an edge? 

Here are a few tips that will help eCommerce developers in making sure the site makes double the usual money:

Put Yourself in the Customer’s Shoes

Stop thinking from the seller’s perspective, but from the customer’s perspective instead. Giving your homepage a look from fresh eyes and decide whether you can tell what the seller’s agenda is and whether or not you would trust this particular site with your precious money? If the answers are positive, you have a green light. 

Keep a Clear Head

Any eCommerce website developer can get a little lost while designing the whole thing. It is easy to make a mess of things. But, it is empirical that you keep a clear focus of what it is that the client needs. What you are trying to sell, must be the central theme and the design should revolve around it. 

Keep the Contact Details Visible

Shoppers will never trust a site if they can’t contact their seller easily.The contact details of the seller must be prominently visible on the site. 

Address All Possible Issues on the Home Page

All kinds of possible issues and potential problems must be addresses on the homepage itself. You don’t want the customer to keep wondering about such pain points. 

Important Details Must be Clear

There cannot be any scope for confusion in case of prices and details related to shipping.The eCommerce developer needs to pay special attention to these details. 

Associate Yourself with Other Brands

Association is the key to gaining the trust of customers.You need to borrow a little goodwill from various other brands by associating yourself with them. This tried and tested method can increase your sale by more than thirty percent. 

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