6 Apr 2018

4 Reasons Why CodeIgniter is Better Than Other PHP Development Frameworks

Talk of PHP in front of novice programmers and what you will get is a laugh and it being called a loosely typed programming language, which doesn't need much skill to implement. But experienced programmers would know that there are a lot of nuance at implementing the object oriented constructs of the language and this is where a framework is needed to set the working environment for making the best use of the programming language. 

Although a world of frameworks such as CakePHP, Yi and laravel etc are available for PHP development, CodeIgniter is by far the most preferred one by experts. Here are a few reasons why.

The Sheer Maturity

Of all the various frameworks available today, CodeIgnitor is the one that has spent the most amount of time since inception. Any adroit PHP web development company is thereby more likely to use a mature framework such as CodeIgniter, than anything else.

Lean and Efficient

No beating around the bush when you use this framework for PHP development. The hoards of features in-built are designed to run easy on resources and give programmers just the constructs which are imperative for development.

Support for MVC and Method Chaining

For developers who prefer to break down PHP projects into modules, optimize and later integrate these together, CodeIgniter has an inbuilt support for Module View controller. You can even choose to go independent and implement the method chaining approach instead.

Superb Documentation and Community Support

Being one of the oldest development frameworks to having been around, CodeIgniter is very well documented and it will not be hard to find support on any of its construct, thanks to the community of active and adroitly skilled developers across the world.

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